Condition Studio was established as a response to the impact traditional fashion manufacturing has on the environment (e.g., one t-shirt requiring a shocking average of 2700 liters of water to manufacture), while still producing high-quality luxurious products. Our research for a more sustainable fashion manufacturing process led to the discovery of Organic Natural Color Cotton.

For our Debut Capsule, we’re introducing our collection made from organic cotton grown in its natural color. It uses up to 90% less water than commercially produced cotton, and it’s entirely colored by nature without any dyes, bleaches or chemicals; this also ensures that it has very minimal impact on the waterways. Because of their minimal processing, Condition Studio collections are naturally hypoallergenic and made to last. Our second and subsequent collections will be certified by GOTS after a lengthy audit that was delayed due to global restrictions.

Our Organic Natural Color Cotton is grown in northern China within the Hexi Corridor where the soil is extremely fertile and the sun is strong. The farmers that we work with through our supplier partner have been continuously farming in that same region for 13 generations. After it is harvested by hand, the cotton is processed on the same site where the seeds are separated from the cotton fibre. The farmer keeps the seeds to be sowed for the next crop and the cotton fibre is taken away to be spun into cotton thread. Although our organic cotton is much more expensive than commercially grown and harvested cotton, the result is products that are better for you and the environment we all live in. Condition Studio does not use any form of animal products.

All our products are packaged using sustainable materials. This includes using compostable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Our luxurious boxes are designed for you to keep and reuse over and over again. Last but certainly not least, all shipments sent through our delivery partner are 100% carbon neutral.   


If you have any questions or inquiries about our sustainability practices, please don't hesitate to email us at, we would love to have a chat with you!